• Mentoring makes a difference

    Even though our number of mentors has grown, there are always more children who need a positive influence in their lives.

  • Military personnel giving graciously

    Originally nine pilots from nearby Moody Air Force Base generously volunteered their time.

  • We have children waiting for mentors

    Today, there are 17.6 million young people in the US who want, or need, a positive adult influence in their lives.

  • You can help

    We need your support to help our program reach its full potential — so we can help some very special kids reach theirs.

The Scott Craven Mentoring Fund works hard every day to change the lives of children who will benefit from the support, guidance and friendship of an added adult influence. But we can’t do it alone. With millions of kids in need of a mentor, and endless budget cuts and capacity limitations threatening existing programs, your help is needed now more than ever.